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5 Inch 4BB Hinges
5 Inch 4BB HingesPolish brass ball bearing door hinge which running very silent and smoothly, perfect surface which your need with 20 percent price reducing for sales, samples are free for your quality checking.

5 inch 4BB hinges

Flush Hinges,4''×3''×2.5mm Flush Hinges.jpgflush hinges,4''×3''×2.0mm-2BB flush hinges (2).jpg

Product Name and Specification单位Unit 包装分析  Packing analysis
纸箱Carton数量Quantity毛/净重G.W/N.W(kg)Packing size(cm)
3"×2.5"×2.0mm-2BB75×63×2.0-2BB付 Pair60 14/1330×24×14
3"×2.5"×2.5mm-2BB75×63×2.3-2BB付 Pair60 16/1530×24×14
4"×3"×2.0mm-2BB100×76×2.0-2BB付 Pair50 18.5/17.530×24×16
4"×3"×2.5mm-4BB100×76×2.5-4BB付 Pair50 21/2030×24×16
4"×3"×3.0mm-4BB100×76×3.0-4BB×pinφ5.8mm付 Pair50 24/2330×24×16
4"×3.5"×3.0mm-4BB100×89×3.0-4BB ×pinφ6.8mm付 Pair40 26/2530×22×16
5"×3"×2.5mm-4BB100×76×2.5-4BB付 Pair40 22/2125×22×20
5"×3"×3.0mm-4BB100×76×3.0-4BB付 Pair40 24/2325×22×20


flush hinges,4''×3''×2.0mm-2BB flush hinges (3).jpgflush hinges,4''×3''×2.0mm-2BB flush hinges (4).jpghinges,flush hinges,loose pin flush hinges (5).jpghinges,flush hinges,loose pin flush hinges (7).jpghinges,flush hinges,loose pin flush hinges (8).jpghinges,flush hinges,loose pin flush hinges (9).jpg

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