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4in.×4in.×3.3mm Hinges
4in.×4in.×3.3mm Hinges4in.×4in.×3.3mm Satin Chrome Hinges, high grade mid Q235 iron raw material, perfect US26D finishing,samples are free for your quality checking.

4in.×4in.×3.3mm Hinges

Flush Hinges,4''×3''×2.5mm Flush Hinges.jpgflush hinges,4''×3''×2.0mm-2BB flush hinges (2).jpg



We have made all sizes of commercial hinges into our points, squre corner hinges, 1/4 radius hinges, 5/8 radius hinges, with or without BB, with or without NRP, 2 sets screws. wood screws and machine screws(self- tapping screws). 

If any price inquiry, please kindly contact me directly by

flush hinges,4''×3''×2.0mm-2BB flush hinges (3).jpgflush hinges,4''×3''×2.0mm-2BB flush hinges (4).jpghinges,flush hinges,loose pin flush hinges (5).jpghinges,flush hinges,loose pin flush hinges (7).jpghinges,flush hinges,loose pin flush hinges (8).jpg


Do we have longer screws? Extra screws?
TDC provides standard size screws with our hinges, we do have shorter screws on request for customers who are installing pre-hung doors with residential hinges only.

Which Decorative Tips go with these hinges?
Steel hinges use the tip sets with the threaded hinge pin. Solid brass hinges use the threaded tips which thread directly onto the hinge.

What size is the thread on your ball and steeple tips?
They are a metric thread, M8-1.25. The thread is the same on all sizes, although the heads are different sizes to coordinate with their respective hinge.

What does "extruded" mean?
Extruded means that the metal is not molded or stamped, it is heated to a high temperature to soften the metal enough to be pressed through a die and formed into the shape desired.

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