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Commercial Door HingeProduct description
The security door hinges is made of good quality material in silver tone,used for a long life prevents an intruder from removing the hinges making these hinges perfect where security is an issue.

Product description
 The Commercial Door Hinge is made from antique copper and antique brass .it is prized for its resilience, durability, and beauty. The Door Hinge is designed to anti theft and protect our property from thefts .we provide customer service ,so you can choose perfect door hinge according to your door weight, thickness and using environment.

Parameter information
 Product name:Commercial Door Hinge
 Finish:Gold plated, Antique brass, Antique copper
 Bearing: Ball Bearing or Washer
 Head: Crown
 Origin: Pinghu, Zhejiang, China
 Feature:With anti theft bump, Fixed pin with crown head, screws' available if needed
 Quality: High grade steel hinge
 Function:Anti theft
 Type: 360° Hinge
 Thickness: 3.0mm
 Application:Commercial wooden door,Metal door
 Service life:more then 5 years
 Advantages:Professional.Heat resistant,highly cost effective,Waterproof
 Specification: high grade
 Packing:Carton/Wooden case
 Delivery time:30 days

Product additional information

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