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Metal Door Hinge
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metal door hinge

Flush Hinges,4''×3''×2.5mm Flush Hinges.jpgflush hinges,4''×3''×2.0mm-2BB flush hinges (2).jpg201808281301271523329.jpg


NFPA 80 is the code that metal door hinge commercial butt hinges follow. 

NFPA 80 specifies is a restriction of spring hinges to 150 lbs. max weight 3’ x 7’ max size doors.  

If used on an appropriate door, they are UL fire Listed using 3 each spring hinges.

Material:  - Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel pin
- Brass with Stainless Steel pin
Finishes: - US3SC standard (secure coat lifetime finish)
- Other finishes available per application. Contact Hager for additional information.
Notes: - Anti-Friction Nylon Bearings (AB/CB) These are made of resilient engineering plastics that provide a self-lubricant and very strong bearing surface. The nylon acts as a cushion for the door yet it allows the door to flow smoothly on the surface of the nylon with an extremely low wear factor. (AB is standard on 3-knuckle hinges. CB is an option for 5-knuckle hinges). 

metal door hinge

flush hinges,4''×3''×2.0mm-2BB flush hinges (3).jpgflush hinges,4''×3''×2.0mm-2BB flush hinges (4).jpghinges,flush hinges,loose pin flush hinges (8).jpghinges,flush hinges,loose pin flush hinges (7).jpghinges,flush hinges,loose pin flush hinges (5).jpghinges,flush hinges,loose pin flush hinges (9).jpg

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