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Door hinge installation
Dec 18, 2017

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Installation method

Full cover

The door covers the side board of the cabinet, and there is a certain gap between them, so that the door can be opened safely.

Half cover

There is a minimum gap between the two doors, with a minimum gap required between them. The cover distance of each door is reduced, and the hinge arm flexure hinge is required.


The door is located in the cabinet. There is a gap near the side board of the cabinet, so that the door is safe to use the hinges of a hinged arm.

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Open the door by door and side plate on the side position, and full overlay door, half overlay door and embedded door three installation method. The door is basically covered by semi cover plate; the door cover half side plate, especially suitable for the middle clapboard, need to install the three door above the cabinet door is arranged on both sides; embedded within the plate. The installation of the door opening requires the door to rotate freely 90 degrees, and does not affect the drawing door of the drawer and other things in the cabinet. The door is usually connected with a cup and dark hinges. Cup like dark hinges have the advantages of quick and convenient installation, easy to disassemble and adjust, and have good concealment. The advantages of its installation are also reflected in the aspects of gas storage and transportation: the well drilled doors can be stacked and stacked for storage and transportation, and the hinges can be conveniently installed on-site. For the specific installation, the installation order of a door hinge is completed through the cross order from top to bottom, and the top hinge takes all the weight of the door. And the disassembly process is the opposite, from the bottom up. Concealed door hinges chain by the bending degree of hinge arm with straight arm, large radius hinge, small radius hinge, which are suitable for full overlay door, half overlay door and embedded door in three different installation methods.