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door hinge and welding hinge
Dec 02, 2017

Basic Info

Product Description

We also call our door hinge, welding hinge as door hardware
1. How the welding butt hinge (flag welding hinge) works?
The hinge is used to allow well movement of two pieces of material. They are commonly used on various types of heavy duty metal doors to facilitate directional movement; the flag hinge itself is usually welded on a vertical plane, thereby allowing horizontal movement of a door or other piece of material. Our flag hinge consists of three parts: a male end, and a female end and a strong steel pin. These three parts are joined together once each plate is secured to a different piece of material.Most doors will feature two or three hinges to ensure stability and smooth movement. Other applications may only require one hinge, or far more than two or three.
2. Do the butt welding hinge suitable for all metal gates?
Usually, the hinge is suitable for most of metal gates or doors. However, we have different types of flag hinge or butt hinge, they are in different design and shapes, customer can choose the more suitalbe for the gates or door accordingly to make the door move more flexible and fix more conveniently.
3. How many Kilogram can be hold by the weldng hinge?
Yes, we have many sizes of each items to match different metal gates or door. Please study the details of each type welding hinge, we sure that you can find the right hinge. We also can provide the samples for customers to test, this way is better to avoid any mistake.
4. If can have different type of heavy duty hinge which are not shown in this website?
Yes, we can produce according to customers' samples or drawing of hinges, we have experienced engineers who are worked in this area for many years. Usually, after enginner made the moulds, we'll test them and try some samples and test, then send the samples to the customers for confirmation.

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