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Flat door hinges specifications specifications installation method
Jun 08, 2018

Flat door hinges specifications specifications installation method

Adjustable concealed hinge classification and installation method

Flat door hinges, half-door hinges and full-door hinges can be selected based on the three relationships between the cabinet and the door.

Adjustable concealed hinge chain

Adjustable concealed hinge installation method: Use a drill bit to drill a cylindrical hole in the door Note:. It is not possible to use a flat drill because it is too long and the hole probing degree is inaccurate. A drill stand with a depth controller must be used to ensure the depth of the hole.

Adjustable concealed hinges Advantages: Adjustable concealed hinges can be adjusted so that the door and door frame fit the door dedicated to the water chipboard and the medium density fiberboard. The shop is sold with a model for installation and the installation must be done with the appropriate drilling tool.

Cabinet door hinges and handles should be made of corrosion-resistant products. The hinges of the doors should be free to move freely. No rust, two hinges should be on the same axis. The door body is smooth without deformation, and the magnetic door seal is tight and seamless.

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