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How to do if cabinet hinges loose
Mar 23, 2018

How to do if cabinet hinges loose?

Loosening of hinges

1. The first thing to determine is what causes the hinge to loosen, whether the screw is loose or the hinge is broken, or if the board itself has a problem.

2. If the original is a hinge with a two-hole base, it can also be replaced with a four-hole base to increase the force area with two more screws for fixing. The importance of hinges for furniture and kitchen cabinets is self-evident. If the screws of the hinges are not good, there will be big troubles. If the tail screws slide, the doors and the cabinet will be detached. If the screws are not easy to use, there will be seams that cannot be adjusted. The use effect will be greatly reduced. This will eventually affect the user's evaluation of furniture and kitchen cabinets: the quality is too bad. To get such an assessment, then how well your board material and workmanship are all empty words, so the importance of the hinge screws must be taken seriously.

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