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How to install the sliding door hinge
Jun 08, 2018

How to install the sliding door hinge?

When installing a stainless steel hinge, follow the steps below.

1) When installing the stainless steel hinge, lift the front end of the hinge. If the front end of the hinge is downward, the lower roller serves as a fulcrum, which will increase the load on the upper roller and the guide rail.

2) The position of the roller relative to the guide rail: 1 The roller and the guide rail should not be in point contact, but should be in line contact. If the roller is skewed, make contact with the guide rail to make it balanced. The gap between the hinge and the sliding door should be adjusted. 2 Rollers must not allow inside single-sided contact.

3) The gap between sliding door stainless steel hinge and guide rail is 0.5-1mm.

4) Guides and rods must not interfere.

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