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Importance of door hinge during the door installation
Dec 27, 2017

Do not look unremarkable hardware accessories, in fact, the overall quality of the interior door, the most likely problem is here. Today, we focus on the interior door hardware accessories in the hinge installation problem, the hinge is responsible for connecting the door leaf and the door frame an important responsibility in the usual use of the switch, the test is up to the hinge. The doors can be opened and closed well, requiring a well-made hinge, and how to attach a good hinge to the right place is also a key factor.

3.5 inch stain nickel commercial hinge.jpgInterior door hinge
First, the preparation before installation
1, to determine the hinge height, width, thickness and indoor door match.High, wide, thick mismatch hinges may cause hinge load can not meet the requirements, affecting the use of interior doors.
2, the hinge installation needs supporting screws and other fasteners, check whether the accessories, the number is complete.

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3, determine the hinge installation number and installation height. The number of hinges is determined by the base material of the interior door, usually lighter doors such as paint-free doors or PVC, with only two hinges for installation. Solid wood composite doors, solid wood doors are all more heavy door, the installation of three hinge more suitable, but there will be some better quality hinge, the installation of two enough to play the role of load-bearing. The installation position of common hinges are respectively from the upper quarter and the lower quarter of the indoor door to ensure uniform force.

14 inch radius door hinge (3).jpgInterior door hinge
Second, the interior door hinge installation
1, slotted. In determining the installation of hinges on the side of the indoor door slotted, the slot depth to the thickness of the single-chip board, slotted, the single-chip board flat into the slot, check the page surface and the door edge (Door cover) of the surface flush.
2, fastening hinge. Use the matching screws to fix the hinge. The screws should be perpendicular to the door and the door surface. If the screws are oblique, there may be squeezing between hinges when the door is closed, which will affect the service life of the door.

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Interior door hinge
The above are all about the ordinary indoor door hinge installation, different from the ordinary hinge, there is a mother-child hinge, mother-child hinge consists of a smaller child pages and larger mother page composition , The child page shaped like a hollowed-out part of the mother page. Compared to ordinary hinge, the mother of the hinge thinner, so not suitable for heavier interior doors. I hope you pay special attention to the above problems when installing the hinge, after all, only the hinge bearing effect is good, the stability of the interior door can be guaranteed.