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Steps to split the wooden door
Dec 26, 2017

Ball bearing pair butt hinge,pair butt hinge,butt hinge.jpg

Steps to split the wooden door:

First, remove the door fan. Use a screwdriver to remove the screw at the hinge (it does not work only need to put it out by handles if the worker distroy the screw by electric driling machine)

Second, split the line. Do not know what kind of door your home, different structure of the door is not the same. If there is a buckle on the wall of the line, then the first line of the mouth removed,

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Third, the demolition of the door line. Door panels will have a protruding plate on the board lines, is blocking the door used to remove this, look under the file lines if there is no nail, if any, remove the nail.

14 inch radius door hinge (3).jpg

Fourth, the demolition of the board. There are many kinds of material of the board, if your home is a thin MDF is demolished, you can put it direct down, if it is thick MDF and foam adhesive, then only put it off by hands a little and a little.