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The difference between hinges and hinges
Jan 27, 2018

The difference between hinges and hinges

Hinges are fully connected to the hinges during the opening of the window, so often the hinges are often referred to as hinges, but hinge hinges are used only for rotation, while hinged sashes are both hinged and translatable. Many times hinge and hinge can replace each other, but in some special cases you must use the hinge, such as the window to use the hinge, the hinge is generally very difficult to meet the force requirements, such as the use of multiple windows Hinge joint force. [detailed]


Hinges are mainly installed in doors and windows. Hinges more installed in cabinets; According to the material classification is divided into, stainless steel hinges and iron hinges, in order to allow people to enjoy a better enjoyment of the hydraulic hinge, characterized by a certain degree of cushioning to minimize noise. [detailed]


When the hinge is used on the window, it tends to be used with another strut to prevent it from blowing back and being damaged by the wind when the window is opened, because the hinge itself can not provide the same friction as the hinges It is different, he can provide some friction, it can be used alone, and used in the windows above the hinge on the top of the window on the hinge is slightly different, the length of the outer arm connecting the window frame is not the same

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