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The notes for door hinge install position
Dec 21, 2017

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Different doors also have different heights and thicknesses, so the door hinge installation position should be with its change. Therefore, there is no standard door hinge installation, always follow the market most of the installation methods.

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For example, the door height is 2 meters, when installing the hinge, the distance from the door along the top 18 cm, 20 cm below the ground from the ground is the best door hinge mounting position. If it is a common door, you must refer to the indoor installation of other door, in order to achieve the perfect uniform, beautiful decorative effect, so that each door hinge installation will also make the force point evenly.

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The general weight of the entire door is support by a above hinge, so we suggest install 2 pieces on above and one for down place if you want install 3pieces door hinge.