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The types and methods of installation of the hinges
Jan 27, 2018

The types and methods of installation of the hinges

According to the cabinet door cover plate, the hinge can be divided into full cover, half cover, no cover, more professional name for straight and curved (straight arm), bending (in Song), greater curvature (Daqu).

According to the fixed hinge can be divided into: by rote, detachable.

Due to the set hinge: usually used for the installation of a cabinet without two dismantling, like a whole cabinet.

Detachable hinge: Decoration master called self disassembly type hinge. Multi transport is used to paint the cabinet, which is characterized by the ability to avoid dismantling many times, resulting in loosening of screws and simple installation.

According to the function, it is divided into one segment force and two segment force. Damping buffer.

The difference between a section of a force and a two segment force:

The hinge of a piece of force is very crisp when it closes. As long as it is a little hard, it closes. It is characterized by strong and powerful.

When the two section force hinge is closed, the door can stop at any angle before 45 degrees and close after 45 degrees.

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