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What is the difference between self-unloading hinges and fixed hinges?
May 19, 2018

What is the difference between self-unloading hinges and fixed hinges?

Hinges are now generally disassembled, and are divided into two types, one is a self-dumping hinge and the other is a fixed hinge.

Fixed hinges, after the base is fixed, the hinged arm is fixed with screws.

The self-dumping hinge, after the base is fixed and the hinged arm is stuck, can be disassembled even if it is removed. So normal is a good self-dumping hinge.

The full cover and half cover of the self-dumping hinge are embedded according to the side panels of the cabinet, and the thickness of the side panels is generally 16-18 mm. After the fixed hinge is installed on the door panel, the door panel covers the side panel 14-18MM, the half-cover is the door panel cover side panel 6-9MM, and the door panel and the side panel are embedded in a plane. If the cabinet is decorated by a decoration worker, it is generally half-covered. If it is custom-made by a cabinet factory, then there are many fixed hinges.

After the installation of the fixed hinge, the door must be removed, only the screw can be re-unscrewed; and the self-dumping hinge can be disassembled by separating the base from the hinge by pressing the button at the end of the hinge. Relatively easy disassembly of the hinges, cleaning, maintenance are more convenient.

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