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99% People Think Windows/doors Are The Heart, But Do Not Know The Importance Of The Door Accessories!
Dec 15, 2017

People often look at the windows and doors are often the most concerned about the appearance, that hardware is a door and window accessories, do not mind. Most people are misled by the "fit" of "accessories" and think it is only a supporting role in windows and doors, which is essentially a misunderstanding. Hardware accessories is actually the "heart" of windows and doors, play an important role.

Hardware and accessories on the market a wide range of doors and windows, the quality will directly affect our safety. Therefore, the choice of good quality door and window hardware accessories manufacturers, qualified, regular, and trustworthy manufacturers to provide consumers with genuine quality hidden metal accessories.

Off white door hinge.jpg

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Door and window hardware accessories - handle

Tendency hardware productsa re Feel comfortable, switch smooth, durable. User-friendly design, flexible operation, the number of open up to more than 100,000 times, is the hand in the community of "flexible hand."

Door and window hardware accessories - hinges

Hinges are the core components that support the operation of doors and windows, but also support important parts of the doors and windows fixed. Tendency hardware doors and windows using imported lattice house G-U hinge, to meet the requirements of the top national standards, flexible control, load-bearing capacity, quality assurance.

Door and window hardware accessories - lock box

TDC hardware superior doors and windows imported two-way drive box, with anti-pry anti-theft function, but also prevent the sash off, load-bearing capacity.

TDC hardware products doors and windows

TDC hardware products using national patents, the industry to ensure that the sealing, insulation, noise stronger, at the same time anti-theft, tamper safer.

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Hardware accessories are the "heart" of windows and doors and the "lifeline" that determines the life span of windows and doors. When you meet the virtuoso windows and doors, it is like finding the "best partner" you've been looking for for a whole new life. A good window and door, must be accompanied by a good "heart" in order to protect the safety of the process. TDC hardware doors and windows have been the choice of imported high-quality hardware accessories, to bring you a safe home life, it is our greatest glory!

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