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After The Furniture Is Installed, How Can The Hinge On The Door Be Adjusted?
Jun 22, 2018

After the furniture is installed, how can the hinge on the door be adjusted?

2, the selection of the number of hinges

The number of cabinet links to be used depends on the actual installation experiment. The number of hinges on the door panel depends on the width and height of the door panel, the weight of the door panel, and the material of the door panel. For example, a door panel with a height of 1500 mm and a weight between 9-12 kg. Should use 3 hinges.

3, cabinet shape adaptable hinges:

Cabinets with two built-in rotatable baskets need to be fixed at the same time, and the most important thing is that the built-in pull basket determines its opening angle is very large, so the curvature of the hinge must be large enough to ensure that Freely open the door to a suitable angle for easy access to any item.

As shown in Figure 4, the selection of the hinge mounting method:

The door is divided into the side of the door and the side of the side board. There are three types of door: full-cover door, half-cover door and inner door. The cover door basically covers the side board; the half-covered door covers the side board. Half of it is especially suitable for partitions in the middle. It needs to be installed with more than three doors. The inner door is installed inside the two side boards.

As shown in Figure 6, the door panel adjustment:

By loosening the mounting screws on the hinges and sliding the hinges back and forth, there is a 2.8 mm adjustment range. After adjustment, the screws must be retightened.

1 Front and rear adjustment of ordinary hinge seat: After loosening the adjustment range of 2.8 mm by loosening the fixing screw on the hinge and sliding the hinge arm back and forth, the screws must be retightened.

2 Front and rear adjustment of the cross-shaped quick-fit hinged seat: This cross-shaped quick-mounted hinged seat has a screw-driven eccentric cam, which can be adjusted within the range of -0.5 mm to +2.8 mm without releasing the other. Fixing screws.

3 Front-to-back adjustment using a quick-fit hinged seat: This type of quick-fitted hinged seat has a screw-driven eccentric cam that can be adjusted within the range of -0.5mm to +2.8mm without having to release the other. Fixing screws.

4 door side adjustment:. After the hinges are installed, the door margins should be 0.7 mm before any adjustments are made. The adjustment screws on the hinge arms can be adjusted within the range of -0.5 mm to +4.5 mm. If thick door hinges or narrow door frame hinges are used, This parameter range is reduced to -0.15mm.

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