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Cabinet Door Stainless Steel Hinge Installation Method And Steps
May 19, 2018

Cabinet door stainless steel hinge installation method and steps

The installation of the cabinet doors is inseparable from the stainless steel hinges, and the stainless steel hinges determine the service life of the cabinet doors to a certain extent. Therefore, the quality and installation of the stainless steel hinges are very important. Incorrect installation will not only damage the hinges, but will also affect the cabinet doors and will not open properly. Let's take a look at how to install the stainless steel hinge.

As shown in Figure 1, hinge mounting

One, the same reason, hinged seat installation is also pre-aperture, can be compared to the first position after the mark hole (note that the hinge is installed vertically).

B. The mounting of the hinge seat is fixed with screws. Use particle board screws, European-style special screws or pre-installed special screw plugs, and screw them in with a screwdriver.

C. The installation of the hinged seat is press-fitted. This is very simple. It can be directly pressed into the reel seat by a machine.

2, install hinge cup

One, there will be a large hole in the door position before installing the hinged cup. This hole is determined according to the type and size of the hinge. It can be placed on the top to compare and draw the installation position and then punch the hole.

B. Mounting the hinge cup The ordinary method is to install and fix the flat countersunk chipboard tapping screws.

C, install a hinged cup press-fit one, hinge cup with rose plug, press the entry hole with a machine to set a hole and fix it.

d, install hinged cup free tool type, hinge cup with eccentric plug, manually press the starter board reserved opening, flip the decorative cover to install and remove the hinge cup, without tools.

E. Install the hinged cup press-fit type II. The hinged cup has a riser plug. Manually press the entry panel to set a hole and fix it with a screw.

3, door hinge installation

First, the tool-free installation door hinges are suitable for quick-install hinges. The locks can be used to install and remove door panels without any tools.

B. Fix the door hinges with screws and insert the ordinary hinges into the hinge cups on the doors, and then fix them with screws.

In fact, the hinge installation is not difficult, it is difficult to choose the size of the hinge installation and the minimum margin of the door installation where the hinge installation needs attention. If the selection is improper, the door may not be closed and the phenomenon of bumping may occur. Finally, the cabinet body is used. The hinges that come with the fittings will be installed together with the wardrobe or cabinet furniture installers.

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