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Jan 08, 2018

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A door in the vicinity of a doorframe or doorframe has hinges, which includes a slender profile support mounted on a frame and extending on at least part of the door's height. The bracket comprises a leg part, and the leg has an extension part on the leg. The leg has a first arc outer surface on one side and a second arc inner surface with a reduced radius separated from the second arc outer surface. The door has a transverse arc supporting surface along a edge, which receives the first arc surface in conjunction with the support surface. 

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The supporting mechanism on the door is spaced apart from the supporting surface and maintains the second arc-shaped surface, whereby the arc supporting surface of the door moves on the first arc surface, and the supporting mechanism rotates on the second arc surface. The installation of the profile support on the doorframe or doorframe comprises a second extension part relative to the first extension part on the supporting leg, and comprises the corresponding first and second arc-shaped surfaces. 

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With transverse arch support surface and the supporting mechanism along one edge of the door or the door frame, the supporting mechanism is mirrored door bearing surface and a supporting mechanism, after which relative to the frame rotating roughly 90 degrees in the door, the door and the doorframe bracket for profile relative to the additional 90 degree rotation.