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Door Hinges Knowledge Of Door Hardware
Dec 20, 2017

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Hinge setted the door fan, in the course of use if the hinge rupture consumers do not want to check, when an accident occurs, the entire door will be patted to the ground, the maintenance can not be immediate, can only return to the factory, said hinge The built-in reason will be to repair the working hours extended to 1 month or more, to the customer to use a number of inconveniences. Therefore, when you are inside the door, in the premise of considering the big brand, try to choose the exposed hinge, eliminating the need for some unnecessary trouble!

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    Ordinary hinge: for cabinet doors, windows, doors and so on. Material is iron, copper and stainless steel. The disadvantage of ordinary hinges is that they do not have the function of a spring hinge. After the hinge is installed, a variety of beads must be installed, otherwise the wind will blow the door.
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   Pipe hinge: also known as spring hinge. Mainly used for the connection of furniture door, it generally requires board thickness of 16 ~ 20 mm. Material is galvanized iron, zinc alloy. Spring hinge with adjustment screw, up and down, left and right adjustment plate height, thickness. One of its characteristics is that according to the space, with the opening angle of the door. In addition to the general 90-degree angle, 127 degrees, 144 degrees, 165 degrees and so have the corresponding hinge match, so that a variety of cabinet doors have a corresponding degree of extension.

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    Door hinge: it is divided into ordinary type and bearing type, the common type has been mentioned above. Bearing from the material can be divided into copper, stainless steel. From the current consumer situation, the choice of copper bearing hinge more, because of its beautiful appearance, bright, affordable, and equipped with screws.