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Hinges Of Hardware
Dec 18, 2017

Hinges of hardware

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The use gate hinge is mostly used in the door of the room, the hinge of the spring is used for the door and the glass hinge is used for the glass door.

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The door hinge generally has four bearings, the door hinge quality mainly depends on the quality of bearings, bearing diameter relatively, the bigger the better, the more thick wall as possible, with a hand flat hinge, let another piece of free fall, a good uniform. The selection of spring hinge is mainly to identify the brand, and the hinge of the small brand is most prone to aging and fatigue, resulting in the drooping of the cabinet door. The hinges of stainless steel and steel plate are thin, but have good toughness and are not easy to break. Although the cast iron hinges are thicker, it is easy to break, and some merchants deliberately deceive consumers, saying the thicker and more expensive the wallboard, the material is different. When selecting the hinge of the spring, we should also pay attention to the lack of the regulation screw on the hinge, because the screw is not easy to match, and it is not sold alone. 

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The thickness of the door hinge wall board is related to the weight of the door fan. The thickness of the door hinge wall board is more than 3.2 mm in general, with the door fan of more than 40 kg. Most of the 10 yuan and one - paid gate hinges have no full bearing, generally two real two false ones. The price difference of the spring hinge is great, the wall plate of the famous brand is thicker and the workmanship is fine; the small brand's wallboard is thinner and the workmanship is rough. The glass hinge has the middle shaft and the upper and lower axle. The intermediate shaft needs to be punched and used less and less. The upper and lower shaft does not need to punch holes, which is the choice of most consumers. Glass hinges are equipped with glass studs and glass supports, with two kinds of stainless steel and stainless steel. All stainless steel is more expensive.

Door hinge materials: Iron, steel (stainless steel), alloying, copper

14 inch radius door hinge.jpg