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How To Buy A Hinge
Apr 21, 2018

How to buy a hinge

1. Corrosion resistance and quality of materials

When purchasing a hinge, it is necessary to choose according to the environment and material characteristics. When buying, you can also weigh the weight of similar products of different brands. It is better to use thicker products.

Steel hinges are apt to rust and are not suitable for use in wet environments. Copper hinges have corrosion and antibacterial properties and are suitable for use in bathrooms. Aluminum hinges have low strength and are generally thick; stainless steel is decorative and functional. It's better. It's a product that many families generally choose. However, when buying, you should be careful to use products with surface coating.


2. Smooth appearance and good surface treatment

First look at whether the surface material of the hinge is flat. If you see scratches or deformation, it means that the product is produced with waste; next carefully observe the hinge surface treatment, draw a knife to see if you see the yellow copper layer, or look at the hinge Inside the cup, if the cup shows black water performance or iron color, it proves that the plating layer is very thin, and there is no copper plating. If the brightness of the cup is close to other parts, the plating will pass. In general, the good hinges of the workmanship are beautiful in shape, and the clearance is small, and the use will be more reliable.

3. Large bearing diameter and wall thickness

The quality of the flat hinge hinges on the quality of the bearing. The larger the diameter of the bearing, the better. The thicker the siding, the better. The hand holds the hinge flat, allowing the other piece to slide freely. It is even and slow.

4. Closed to listen to the spring sound, loosening test hinge cup

The key to the hinge is the function of a switch, so this is very important. Guan Jian takes the outer spring and the inner spring of the hinge, and the rivet assembly.

Listening to the sound of the hinged connection is crisp, if the closing sound is boring, it proves that the spring force is not enough, and there is a problem with the thickness of the material; see if there is looseness in the hinged cup, if loosening proves that rivet riveting is not tight, it is easy to fall off. Closed several times to see the indentation in the cup is not obvious. If it is obvious that there is a problem with the thickness of the cup, it is easy to "explode the cup."

5. Test the screw, adjust the force

Use a screwdriver to adjust the screw up and down three or four times with point pressure, and then remove the screw and see if the hinge arm is damaged.

Because the hinge arm is formed of iron material, there is no screw so hard, it is easy to wear; in addition, if the factory tapping the accuracy if not enough, it is easy to cause slip wire, or screw the situation.

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