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How To Choose Hinges (hinges) For Wooden Doors
Jan 27, 2018

How to choose hinges (hinges) for wooden doors?

Hinges or hinges are often overlooked, in fact, he is the core components to achieve the use of wooden doors, a set of wooden doors with good, long time to see him.

Types of hinges Household wooden doors generally have two types of hinges, one is a flat hinge, the other is a letter hinge; check the choice of flat hinge: Flat hinge For wooden doors, flat hinge force Large; and to use a ball bearing (shaft in the middle of the summary), because it can reduce the friction between the two hinges, so that the wooden doors open smoothly, will not 'creak' sound.

It is not advisable to use the 'mother' hinge on a wooden door as it is relatively unstructured and is designed for use with lightweight doors such as PVC doors, but also to reduce the number of grooves (hinges) in the door Process.

Material and appearance of the letter hinge

Hinge material is stainless steel, copper, stainless iron / iron, household recommended 304 # stainless steel, you can keep the door long-term use. Do not recommend the use of 202 # 'immortal iron' and the like, although cheaper, but good and bad, rusty is very troublesome, find someone to dress up hinge artificial, not only expensive, but also trouble. Note that the hinge with the screws should also be supporting the stainless steel screws, can not be replaced by other screws. Pure copper hinges for luxury wooden doors, the price is not suitable for general household reasons.

Now electroplating technology is very mature, stainless steel also has all kinds of color appearance, with different styles of wooden doors. Of course, it is best to take care of the appearance of drawing, and environmental protection, electroplating industry pollution is quite powerful.

Stainless steel exterior hinge specifications and the number

Hinge specification refers to the hinge opens, the length x width x thickness size, the general length and width in inches, such as 4 "x4", that is, length 100mm x width 100mm. The thickness is generally calculated in millimeters, such as 3mm. General home wooden door hinge choice 4 "or 100mm long; width on the door thick, 40mm thick door with 3" or 75mm wide hinge; thickness in accordance with the weight of the door to count, light, hollow, A person mentioning no effort, use 2.5mm thick hinge, solid, heavier on the choice of 3mm thick hinge. Taken together: hinge specifications * The length and width of the hinge on the market is not a special standard, slightly larger, it does not matter; the most important thing is the hinge thickness, must be thick (3mm), the best way to get Caliper down, because the thickness of the hinge determines not only the strength of the hinge, also hinted that your hinge is not on the grade, is not really stainless steel (unspoken rules).

Light hinge with two hinges on it; heavy wooden doors choose to use three hinges, to maintain stability, but also reduce the degree of deformation of wooden doors.

Hinge installation location

Wooden door with two hinges Needless to say, that is, there are tricks installed three tricks, one is the hinge on the middle by the hinge, Germany: hinge on this way to install hinges , The benefits are quite stable, the door frame on the door of the force is better, but not particularly necessary, as long as the above choice the correct hinge, the force has been sufficient, and if the door is particularly heavy, direct more Put a hinge just fine.

Another is basically the average score of installation, American:

Hinge installation average score

It is recommended to use the average installation hinge, beautiful, not so utilitarian, if the door a little deformation, hinge limit role also play bigger.

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