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How To Choose Stainless Steel Hinges
Aug 17, 2018

How to choose stainless steel hinges?

The material of the hinge: the current material is divided into 4 kinds: Cold-rolled steel, 201 stainless steel, 202 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel cold-rolled steel, its high strength, but toughness, poor weldability, relatively hard, brittle, easy to rust under the environment of bright and humid environment 0.201 stainless steel and 202 stainless steel 201 new The brand name is 12Cr17Mn6Ni5N, and the new grade of 202 is 12Cr18Mn9Ni5N. From the point of view of the grade, 202 is more than 201 and Mn is more than 3 nickel. In practical use, its utility 202 is slightly better than 201, but most of the market users accept the price of 201. The decorative tube of the material is similar to 202. 0.304 stainless steel: 304 stainless steel contains nickel, more chromium, good corrosion resistance, High toughness and high price! Used in anti-corrosion buildings.

1, look at the material weight:

The quality of the hinge made of this material is generally poor. Once it has been used for a long time, it will be loose and the door will not be closed. For this reason, the hinges produced by some big brands will adopt special technology. The hinge feels better and the surface is more delicate. Because of this technology, its surface is thickened, so it is not easy to rust, is not easily oxidized, and is of higher quality.

2, experience the feel:

Because the stainless steel hinges are processed by different methods or the quality of the raw materials, their quality is also different, but their feels are different. Those with better quality hinges have softer strength and better elasticity. On the contrary, those who have a bad price difference, in order to be able to choose a better hinge, it is a more reliable method to purchase at the time of purchase.

3, view details:

We have all heard the phrase "attitude determines everything, details determine success or failure", so it is important to learn to observe the details, so we can judge the quality of the hinge from the details, the quality of the product is good, the appearance is smooth, And with the effect of mute, and those with poor quality generally have a harsh sound, and the work is not fine, rough.

As shown in Figure 4, the reset performance of the hinge spring:

At the time of purchase, we must pay special attention to the composite performance of the hinge spring, because a good hinge must have a good resetting property. The best thing is to make the door completely overlap. Generally speaking, for a good spring, we can say that it can make The opening angle of the door is up to 90 degrees, and it can be perfectly closed after opening. Therefore, the quality of the hinge depends largely on the performance of the spring, so the quality of the spring is very important.

5, tips:

The last trick to choose the hinge is to buy the hinges, press the sides of the hinges by hand, and then look at the springs of the hinges. If the springs of the hinges are not deformed or broken, then we can basically confirm that this is a Quality-qualified hinge products have strong force, are not easily deformed, and can be used for a long time, so you can buy with confidence.

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