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How To Install The Hinge
Apr 21, 2018

How to install the hinge

1. Preparation Tool: Prepare special installation tools before installation, such as tape measure/level ruler for measurement, carpenter pencil for line drawing, woodworking hole drill/pistol drill for opening, and screwdriver for fixing.

2. Positioning of drawing line: First, use a measuring board or carpenter pencil to mark the position (drill hole margin is generally 5mm), then use a pistol drill or woodworker to drill 35mm hinge cup mounting holes on the door panel. The hole depth is generally 12 mm.

3, fixed hinge cup: the hinge set on the entry hole in the hinge cup and use the self-tapping screws to fix the hinge cup;

4. Fix the base: After the hinge is inserted into the cup hole of the door, open the hinge, insert and align the side plate, fix the base with self-tapping screws;

5, debugging effect: the last step, open and close the door test results.

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