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How To Prevent Door Slamming
Aug 15, 2018

Q: a door in my house often slams when no one is using it. What is the cause of this situation? How to prevent the door from slamming? I was worried that my cat's tail or child's fingers might shut the door.


Answer: it is amazing to suddenly hit the door fiercely, but if it happens frequently, it will soon become annoying. Fortunately, solving and repairing is usually a fairly simple problem. One obvious reason for slamming the door was an unintentionally severe family member who exerted more force than it needed to close it. But when a soft touch causes a loud noise, or when no one approaches it and the door is slammed, one of the two gangsters may be fighting.

When windows in rooms or houses are opened, pressure changes may be the culprit. When air moves from a higher pressure area (in your home) to a lower pressure area (outside your home), this change may cause enough air to flow to slam the door.


But opening or closing its door may indicate that it is not vertical - in other words, it is not completely vertical. Because of the weight of the door (especially if it is a heavy solid core door) or the air flow in the house, this unevenness can produce swings.