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Is The Price Of Hardware Hinges Low
Aug 26, 2018

Is the price of hardware hinges low?

Home improvement is inseparable from hardware hinge products, but when the owner intends to buy hardware products, they often find that their prices are very high, and the prices of different products vary greatly, even several times. Many consumers are surprised that the small hardware hinges are so expensive! So they buy them cheaply.

Hardware is different from other building materials. These parts do not need to bear a lot of weight, but need to be used in a humid, oily environment, so the quality requirements are very high. Such as the hinge (hinge), it not only must accurately connect the cabinet and the door panel, but also bear the weight of the door panel alone, and must maintain the consistency of the door arrangement, otherwise after a period of time, it is possible to lean forward, Sliding shoulders fall off; like slide rails, due to the special environment of the kitchen, low-quality rails feel good even in the short term, the push-pull phenomenon will occur when the time is a little longer; if the hinge is too close, the quality is not the switch fee. The strength is to use the sound of "Oh," after a period of use. When all kinds of "accidents" appear in these hardwares, consumers definitely need to replace them. This will be a big expense. It is not economical to spend less on low-quality hardware.

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