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Reasons Why 304 Stainless Steel Hinges Can Be Attracted By Magnets
Oct 31, 2018

Reasons why 304 stainless steel hinges can be attracted by magnets

Stainless steel hinge manufacturers generally choose 304 stainless steel materials when they are selected, as raw materials for stainless steel hinges. In real life, many people habitually use magnets to absorb the true and false of stainless steel hinge materials, and will find that 304 stainless steel hinges can be attracted. So why can a stainless steel hinge be attracted by a magnet?

A molded stainless steel hinge consists of many parts, all of which are stamped out of the mold. The raw material is stainless steel, but the stamping dies are all iron. During the processing, mechanical magnetism is generated, and the fittings in the hinge are It is stainless steel, and it also has suction through 304 stainless steel. (Note: The main components of 304 stainless steel hinge are all pure 304 stainless steel, and other small parts are stainless steel. Because 304 stainless steel is strong and brittle, the small parts are in the molding process. And in the process of use, it is easy to break), so it is sure to suck up directly with the magnet, which is a normal phenomenon.

In short, everyone directly uses a magnet to suck, to judge the true and false of the stainless steel hinge is not correct. Some inferior stainless steel products are doped with a large amount of manganese metal. Manganese cannot be attracted to magnets, but after adding manganese, the rust and corrosion resistance of the product is much reduced. Although such products cannot be attracted by the magnet, the quality is very poor. Really want to test whether it is pure 304 stainless steel material, use stainless steel rapid measurement liquid, drop a drop on the top, look at the color to distinguish, if the product does not change color, it proves to be 304 stainless steel material, if it turns red, it may be 201 stainless steel material or It is made of other materials.

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