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The Introduction Of The Hinges Of Common Wooden Doors
Jan 27, 2018

The introduction of the hinges of common wooden doors

1, furniture hinge: according to the installation of different combinations into line and dump; according to the door opening angle is divided into 90 degrees, 100 degrees, 110 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees; according to the needs of different cabinet assembly is divided into full cover (straight) half cover (small bending) and not cover (big bend or embedded).

2, the bathroom cabinet hinged bathroom cabinet switch times as many as thousands of times, the door hinge has the advantages and disadvantages is very important. Practice has proved that in terms of the nature of bathroom cabinets, the selection of hinges is important for the accuracy of bathroom cabinets and the weight of bathroom doors. Hinges are commonly known as hinges, and hinges are the most tested in the frequent switching of the bathroom doors. At present, most of the hinges in the market are detachable, which are divided into two parts, the base and the buckle. There are two general hinge and three point card card, three card hinge of course better some. The production of steel hinge is the most important, if the selection is not good, after a period of time, the door may be laughter, shoulder off angle. The big brand bathroom cabinet hardware almost all use cold rolled steel, its thickness and toughness are very perfect.

3. The cushioning hydraulic hinge of the hydraulic hinge is designed to provide a kind of hydraulic buffer hinge which uses the buffer performance of the liquid and has the ideal buffer effect. The utility model comprises a support seat, door box, a buffer, a connecting block, the connecting rod and the torsion spring buffer is hinged on the supporting seat; the middle connection block is hinged on the support seat, side door box is hinged with a piston rod and the other side of the buffer; the connecting block and the connecting rod, bearing, door box formed 14 linkage mechanism; buffer contains a piston rod, piston, shell, hole and hole is arranged on the piston, the piston rod drives the piston to move, the liquid through the through hole from the side to the other side, so as to play a buffer role.

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