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The Types And Functions Of Door Hinge
Dec 14, 2017

The so-called hinge is mainly used in various cabinet office furniture cabinet door opening and closing rotation, for example, file cabinets. Then, the variety of hinges is pretty much, mainly: Ming hinges, cup-shaped dark hinges and the door head plastic.

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Let's go one by one:
1, No overlay hinge
No overlay hinges are commonly referred to as hinges, the hinges are partially exposed on the surface of the panel-type office furniture during installation, and hinges include ordinary hinges, core-pulling and release hinges, light hinges and T-hinges. For the aesthetic requirements of office furniture is not very high, the use of ordinary hinge is the most suitable.
The light hinge is mainly used for file cabinet door installation, and its surface mostly through the plating or copper material manufacturing, the appearance of the more beautiful in the office furniture industry is also very widely used.As for the T-hinge, is mainly used in office sofa activities of the installation.

2, cup-shaped full overlay hinge
The cup-shaped full overlay hinges are mainly used for the installation of various cabinet doors in the panel office furniture. The characteristic of the cup-shaped full overlay hinge is that the cabinet doors can be tightly closed without affecting the aesthetic appearance of the office furniture.
The cup-shaped full overlay hinge is mainly prefabricated by a plastic cup, a hinge rod and a dumpling arm. That is to say, the finished cup-shaped full overlay hinge is composed of two parts of a hinge body and a base. 32mm office furniture system does not know whether the small partners still remember that the small series of office furniture in Shenzhen have said this before.

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According to this 32mm system, the plastic cup should be installed on the door, and then the base is installed on the side plate, when installing the base, you need to use two screws were screwed into the two system holes separated by 32mm, And to be fixed on the side panels.

3, Door hinge
Door hinge is also more suitable for file cabinet door installation, the main hinge is installed on the file cabinet doors at the top and bottom ends of the cabinet with the top and bottom of the junction, so when using the door glue will not be exposed, you can Maintain the beauty of filing cabinets.
Well, time is late, sharing first on here today, writing also Tingduo, quite detailed, very simple Kazakhstan, small partners who are so smart should be able to see clearly.

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