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The Way To Fit A Interior Door
Dec 28, 2017

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The dimensions of the door are the three most common widths standardized, which are still true : 2 feet 3 (686mm), 2 feet 6 inches (762mm) and 2ft 9in (838mm). If you have a non-standard doorway, you may need a special new door. The most accomplished goalkeeper is a very fit in a standard door frame, so only a small amount of trim their height and edge to fit them exactly. Often, how many doors you can trim (about 10 mm), so check the instructions before you start. You should always remove the same amount of stuff from both sides of the door.

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58 radius door hinge (3).jpgChanging the interior door will immediately make one room, but working if you use the same size of hinge before it is quite easy, so you can use the same hinge position already in the doorframe. This is the technique shown on this leaflet. If the frame (door lining) is also new, simply measure the position of the hinge also on the lining, and cut the same principle using the same, showing the edge of the door. If you do not use the old hinge position to attach a new guideline, the standard positioning of the hinge at the door is 15cm top-down and 22.5cm from bottom to top. For a heavy door, a third hinge can be placed equidistant between the two.

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There are many ways to finish your paint from your new doors to a wide range of easy-to-use natural wood finishes now available.door hinge with 58 radius square corner (5).jpgHandles and latches are usually not included in a ready-made door. This allows you to choose your favorite style.

The favorite handle can be reused on the new door, but make sure the latch works. If not, they are cheap. To remove an old door, you may need to use a screwdriver to loosen the old paint around the hinge and in the screw slot. Use a hammer to hit the handle of the screwdriver located on the head of the refiner. A couple of taps usually break the paint seal, unscrewing the screw may be. Plates and doors (inside the door frame, stopping the veneer) may require minor adjustments when a new door is installed. Much depends on whether the new door is the same depth as the old one, and whether you place the handle in the same position as the old one. Note that when using a chisel, always follow three rules:Put your hand behind the blade Chisel your body Always use a clip or vise to hold the wood you are working on.