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What Do You Know About The Door Hinge?
Dec 13, 2017

Door hinges are widely used in the door leaf and are an indispensable accessory. We usually seldom pay attention to its figure, and it plays a great role in the door leaf. It provides buffering function when the door is closed and reduces noise And friction.
Today to give everyone the most important piece of nostalgic hardware - hinges, knowledge of the depth of science under the hinge.

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1Hinge effect
Hang the door leaf support in order to achieve the free rotation of the door leaf. Some special type of hinge, to achieve some additional special features, such as over-the-wire hinges, self-closing hinges and so on.

2What type of hinge?
Hinges according to different categories to be divided, can be divided into
Adjustable hinges and non-adjustable hinges
Removable hinges and non-removable hinges
One-way hinges and two-way hinges
Fire hinges and non-fire hinges
Open hinges, recessed hinges and hidden hinges
Steel-wood doors with hinges, narrow-framed profiles door hinges and full glass doors with hinges
Self-elevating hinges, anti-theft hinges, medical hinges, over-hinges, etc.
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3Hinge of the main performance indicators
Hinge is the most important performance indicators bearing capacity, load-bearing performance indicators generally 10Kg as a unit of rank. Hinges other performance indicators have life, corrosion resistance, etc., according to different standards and testing methods, there are different indicators. For example, the European standard, the life of the test after the deformation requirements; and have more stringent resistance to elastic deformation and plastic deformation requirements.

Hinge bearing capacity and the hinge size is related
The physical size of the hinge is related to the bearing capacity of the hinge. In general, high hinge bearing performance, the hinge height, hinge shaft diameter and thickness of the value of the sheet will be greater.

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Why do the hinge grease?
Some structural hinges, in order to lubricate the hinge axis and the spool, reduce the friction, need to add grease between them; In addition, in the case of insufficient processing accuracy, the hinge shaft and the spool gap larger, without adding grease , Hinge sheet shaking a large amount, so add grease compensation.
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6Why add a fat hinge, in use after a period of time there will be black grease exposed?
Hinges after a period of operation, the viscosity of the added grease to reduce more easily outflow; the same time, hinge shaft and reel, will produce different degrees of wear and tear, more serious wear and tear, resulting in more black iron powder will beFat black. So add grease hinge, depending on the use of oil and processing accuracy, sooner or later, there is a transparent or black grease outflow, to varying degrees, affect the appearance.

How does the environment affect the hinge?
The use of different environments, the requirements of the hinges are also different.For example, in large public buildings, the use of doors is very high frequency, and the general size of the door is relatively larger, so the need for high load bearing performance and long life hinge. In the case of the seaside or for the storage of chemicals of a certain type, for example, the corrosion resistance of hinges is even higher, requiring the choice of special materials or hinges resistant to corrosion.