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What Is The Oblique Opening Of The Hinge Switch Piece
Aug 27, 2018

What is the oblique opening of the hinge switch piece?

The oblique opening of the hinge switch piece, which people used to call it to remove the mouth, is a small section in the manufacturing process. However, in practice, due to the entry and exit of this section, the switch piece is inflexible and the seam is too large. Its main point is expressed in words: on the side of the switch, the two corners of the thickness of the fan are the same distance from the axis of the hinge, and the oblique is correct. Another way is to use the hinge axis as the center point, take the arbitrary point of the door width as the radius, make the arc to the opposite side, and then connect the intersection of the arc and the two sides into a straight line, which is the correct oblique line.

In practical application, any fan that does not open the fan and asks for the wrong opening can directly do so according to the requirements mentioned above. However, if you want to make a mistake in the middle of the open fan, you can make the one that makes the cover first according to the requirements of the oblique mouth. Waiting for the mouth fan to adapt to the counter-mouth, and then the wrong mouth made on this basis, is a small pair of seams, the cover fan is easy to switch, and the mutual support force is small when the same opening is small.

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