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Nickel Door Hinges
Nickel Door HingesNickel Hinges, used the high quality mid steel raw material, samples are free for your quality checking.

Flush Hinges,4''×3''×2.5mm Flush Hinges.jpgflush hinges,4''×3''×2.0mm-2BB flush hinges (2).jpgRH002-AN1.jpg

Product Information:

  • (10) 3.5" door hinges with (6) holes

  • Steel Construction for use on residential doors

  • 1/4" Radius corners

  • Mounting screws included

  • 1 Year limited warranty

Square Hinge 
Product Name and Specification单位Unit 包装分析  Packing analysis
纸箱Carton数量Quantity毛/净重G.W/N.W(kg)Packing size(cm)
3"×3"×1/4R×2.0mm76×76×2.0mm付 Pair100 26.5/2530×23×15
3.5"×3.5"×1/4R×2.2mm89×89×2.2mm付 Pair50 18/16.528×18×14
4"×4"×1/4R×2.2mm100×100×2.2mm付 Pair50 25/2432×22×15

flush hinges,4''×3''×2.0mm-2BB flush hinges (3).jpg

  • Steel with steel pin ANSI A8133

  • Five knuckle non-rising removable pin with button tip and plug.

  • Machine and  wood screws.

  • Priced and sold as one each.

flush hinges,4''×3''×2.0mm-2BB flush hinges (4).jpghinges,flush hinges,loose pin flush hinges (7).jpghinges,flush hinges,loose pin flush hinges (8).jpghinges,flush hinges,loose pin flush hinges (4).jpg

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