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Antique T Hinge
Antique T HingeProduct description
The security door hinges is made of good quality material in silver tone,used for a long life prevents an intruder from removing the hinges making these hinges perfect where security is an issue.

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This black tee hinge offers a decorative finish for your doors, part of the TDC Hardware black antique collection, made from malleable iron for its superior strength and durability. It is finished with high quality rust proof paints to ensure great functionality and decoration.
 To create ideal black hinges for an authentic look and feel in your home. TDC Hardware combines age-old manufacturing techniques with advanced finishing methods, to ensure that they offer true heritage and longevity that other companies cannot match.

1, Material: Steel/Iron
 2, Size: 10"x5.5mm
 3, Finish: Black Plastic Sprayed, White Zinc plated, Yellow zinc, Color Zinc, for corrosion resistance..
 4, Usage&Feature: Can be used indoors or outdoors,Ideal for fency gate, shed doors, tool boxes, and storage chests.Strap length measured to center of knuckle.Uses flat head screws (not included).
 5, The pad dimensions refer to the vertical leaf of the hinge. The strap dimensions refer to the horizontal leaf of the hinge.The "Open Width" is the total overall width of the hinge as shown in the photo measuring from left to right.

Product features
 1.Decorative door hinges that attach quickly and easily to steel garage doors
 2.Easy installation without tools or drilling, so no voiding door warranties
 3.Strong magnets hold accents firmly in place through all seasons

Does a door stand steadily? Does a door work smoothly? It's all about hinges. A door can not work without hinges. It's so important to a door. Each step of the production of hinge is done elaborately in our factory. The combination of machines and experienced hands make perfect hinges. As a responsible supplier, we care about our customers' satisfaction, so we care about the quality of product and service.


 For more information, please feel free to contact with us.  

 1.Q:is this for 2 packs for 2 doors or just one large door?
 A: you will need to order 2 sets for 2 doors, they work awesome and hold firm
 By A Chia on July 20, 2016

2.Q: Are the handle's magnets strong enough to stay in place when used to lift garage door?
 A: They are very strong magnets but I have a garage door opener. If your talking about manually I don't know how well that would work.
 By Tammy W. on February 6, 2017

3.Q:What's your hot selling products?
 A:door hinges,t hinges,welding hinges are our best selling products.

4.Q:Where is your office?
 A:Our office is located in Zhejiang.

5.Q: How long is your delivery time?
 A: Generally it is 2-5 days if the products are in stock. 30-45 days if the products are not in stock and we need to manufacture to suit our clients requirements and quantity.

6.Q:How do I know if my hinge is overlay, overlay, or inset?
 A:Here is a diagram of overlays. 90% of all hinges will fall under theses three categories. If your hinge looks similar to one in these pictures it will go under that category.
 7.Q:How do I know if the hinge is self closing or free swing?
 A:Most hinges are self closing. Here are some tells for a free swing hinge though: A free swing hinge is the same as self closing without the spring or closing mechanism that holds the door closed. Typically they’ll have a latch or magnetic catch to hold the door closed. They often do not have handles or knobs, and many times inset doors will use free swing hinges

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