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Strong Butt Hinges
Strong Butt HingesStrong Butt Hinges, used the high quality mid steel raw material, samples are free for your quality checking.

Strong Butt Hinges

Flush Hinges,4''×3''×2.5mm Flush Hinges.jpgflush hinges,4''×3''×2.0mm-2BB flush hinges (2).jpgRG013 730.jpg

普通薄铰Light lron hinge
产品编号 ltemProduct Name and Specification单位Unit 包装分析  Packing analysis
纸箱Carton数量Quantity毛/净重G.W/N.W(kg)Packing size(cm)
T02-11"×0.7mm25*0.7对打    Dozen Pair200 30/2933x20x15
T02-11.5"×0.8mm37*24*0.7对打    Dozen Pair200 34/3336x23x16
T02-22"×0.8mm50*31*0.8对打    Dozen Pair100 32/3134x24x20
T02-32.5"×0.8mm63.5*31*0.8对打    Dozen Pair100 40/3938x20x20
T02-43"×0.8mm 73*36*0.8对打    Dozen Pair50 30/2945x23x14
T02-53.5“×0.8mm82*38*0.8对打    Dozen Pair40 32/3143x23x15
T02-64"×0.8mm95*42*0.8对打    Dozen Pair30 26/2536x23x15

flush hinges,4''×3''×2.0mm-2BB flush hinges (3).jpgflush hinges,4''×3''×2.0mm-2BB flush hinges (4).jpghinges,flush hinges,loose pin flush hinges (8).jpghinges,flush hinges,loose pin flush hinges (7).jpghinges,flush hinges,loose pin flush hinges (5).jpg

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